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Work Skills Plan
A modules created to facilitate importing of Levy and Non-Levy paying companies and registration of Skills Development Facilitator. This module enables SDFs to submit WSP and ATR. This will enable Services SETA to approve complaint companies who qualifies for Mandatory Grants and facilitate the payment.
Learning Units Management
A modules created to facilitate loading of Qualifications and their related Unit standards, and Learning Programs connected to Services SETA on LMIS. These are contained within an XML Document downloaded from SAQA Web Site.
Assessor & Moderator Management
A modules created for Services SETA to facilitate Online Registration Application of Assessors \ and Moderators and their approval / rejection process on LMIS.
Training Provider Management
A modules created to facilitate Services SETA’s Online accreditation applications for Skills Development Providers, in order to manage allocation of tasks, attaching registered Assessors and Moderators, scheduling of site visits, desktop evaluation and their approval / rejection process on LMIS.
Learner Intervention Facilitation
A modules created to facilitate registration of learners and payments to Employers who qualified for Discretionary Grants. Please note that no EFT will be done on this module, it will only be used to provide information required by Finance to pay via Microsoft AX Dynamics.
Learner Intervention Project Co-ordination
A modules created to facilitate Online Discretionary Grants Application by Employers.
Funded Learner Certification
A modules created to help both Services SETA and Employers/ SDP in facilitating a learner enrolment, achievements, allocating Tasks, scheduling external moderation of SDP providing training to the learner, monitoring, exiting learners and certification.
Unfunded Learner Intervention
A modules created to help Services SETA, Employers, SDP and Learner in facilitating a process of learner intervention. This is done by allowing entities to apply online and thus enabling Services SETA to process and facilitate the approval process. This module also allows Employers and Services SETA to pull out reports and supporting evidence used for Tax rebate.
Artisans and Special Projects
this module does allow Services SETA to facilitate the process of Learner Applications, Workplace and Trade Test Centre Approval and maintaining a list of Certified Artisans. This module will most likely integrate into NADSC and QCTO for additional information.
Monitoring and Evaluation
this module is created to quality assure online applications SDF, SDP, CAM and certifications of learners.